'International Catastrophe Solutions'

is not a newcomer to the restoration industry . . .

partner We have taken time to focus on and re-direct our business model, and we are moving forward, STRONGER than EVER ! ICS has redefined the world of Restoration Sales with over $4.3 million in compensation to our independent sales agents. We are seeking YOU, the top producers in the industry, to become a part of our Professional Partners program. We are paying commissions that are unheard of in the industry. Join our team, refer your clients to ICS, and taste the freedom and the financial success that we offer.
11 When you team up with ICS your territory has NO BOUNDARIES; we work with clients around the world. We are looking for projects in the Midwest – the Southeast – and the Caribbean. We will fund, estimate, staff, manage, mobilize the projects, and bill the insurance company or the client directly. All billing is based on industry standard estimating and pricing.
22 We pay commissions of 12-20% gross, on all ‘commercial loss’ projects. We are geared-up and ready to usher in 'The NEW AGE' of Sales, and you are invited to be a part of history in the making. The compensation plan that we offer is unmatched in the industry, as well as our service. If you have the clients, we have all of the resources necessary, to start and complete a successful commercial project.

Every promise that we make is solidified in writing, to protect you and your client

If you are a LEADER in the industry, with a well developed client base, you are encouraged to team up with ICS for a Win-Win working relationship. All Billing is based on ‘Industry Standard’ pricing . . . the BIG difference between ICS and everyone else . . . We are willing to share more of the ‘pot’ with our partners!



"I was hesitant to use a new company with my commercial clients but I did and my client was ecstatic. They were impressed with the responsiveness and professionalism of 'ICS'."


"Everything was handled quickly and efficiently with just one phone call.Best of all, I was paid on time and BIG, just as agreed!"


"I have been working for a large restoration company for many years; like most, they paid a base salary + commission(with a yearly max) There is no cap on commission with 'ICS'."


"'ICS' has followed through on every promise to me and to my clients.All I need to make an exceptional income with 'ICS' is my pen, some paper, and my clients! Thanks so much 'ICS' – I’m glad I found you."


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Let ICS bring you into the 'New Age' of Sales and EARN 15-20% Now !

CONTACT US TODAY: (770) 333-8636


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